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Turn Windows Server 2003 End of Life into an MSP Opportunity

how-to-guide-recipeThe end of support for Windows Server 2003 provides MSPs a perfect conversation starter that can open the door to larger and more strategic engagement.
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How to Sell a File Sync and Share Solution

how-to-guide-recipeAdding a business-grade file-sharing solution to your service offering can help expand your business and boost your recurring revenue.
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How to Create MSP Service Tiers

how-to-guide-recipeBundling different tier levels of managed services into an easy-to-understand packages will simplify your sales process and grow your business. Read this how-to guide>

IT Service Business Plan Templates

it service business templateDownload the business plan templates and accompanying example plan will make it easy to get started building your plan. Download this template >

12-Month IT Services Marketing Plan

it service business templateUsing this marketing template, create a list of action items to easily manage your marketing strategy. You will be able to review each item and check them off as you completed them. Download this template >

Pricing Data Protection in a Fixed Price World

ebook-fixed-pricingPurchasing cloud services from a vendor at a fixed price helps you enjoy a number of benefits that enable you to profitably resell those services. This e-book details how it opens new doors by removing major barriers to your growth. Read this e-book >

5 Big Tips for Running a More Productive IT Services Business

ebook-fixed-pricingEveryone wants to be more productive. In this e-book, IT services providers share their recommendations on the technology, processes, and ideas you can incorporate into your business today to increase your productivity. Read this e-book >

How to Develop a High Performing Sales Team

Taking the time to plan ahead and establish the right sales processes can help take your sales team’s results to the next level. Read this how-to guide>

State of Cloud Backup: MSPs Missing The Mark

ebook-fixed-pricingOur 2013 State of Cloud Backup study surveyed 350 IT service providers and provided insights into how they are selling cloud backup services today as well as the type of demands they are seeing from their SMB customers. Read this e-book >

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Cloud Backup

ebook-fixed-pricingHow can you sell cloud backup more effectively? This e-book provides insight into how to lay the best foundation, win the sale, and develop a top notch, motivated sales team. Read this e-book >

Backup and Recovery in Health Care IT

Backup and Recovery in Health Care ITOf all the vertical industries of interest to the channel, few hold more broad promise and greater opportunity than healthcare. Learn about HIPAA compliance, how to generate more health care sales, and a checklist to ensure you’re ready to go. Read this e-book >

HIPAA Compliance and Data Protection

hipaa data protection whitepaperAs an MSP, you need to understand the HIPAA data security standards so you can compare your organization’s security with the current requirements. You will also learn how to become HIPAA compliant with the strict HIPAA rules and requirements. Read More >

Your BCDR Engagement Game Plan

BCDR Engagement Game Plan whitepaperWhat are the disconnects keeping MSPs from leveraging backup sales to fuel your business? Learn how to create a go-to-market strategy to ensure a complete, BCDR offering that maximizes profit potential and delivers superior customer service. Read More >

6 Ways to Fight the Data Loss Gremlins

Fight the GremlinsBent on annihilation, the Data Loss Gremlins thrive on the misery of business owners worldwide, and IT solutions providers must take up the charge in the battle against these BCDR threats. Download this guide to learn how to protect your clients. Learn more >

Cryptolocker Tech Guide

Cryptolocker Tech GuideAs an MSP, you are on the front lines of fighting Cryptolocker and other ransomware. With the proper preventative steps, ensure your clients don’t have to pay the ransom. Learn how to protect your clients and steps to recover from an infection. Learn more >

Safeguarding Cloud Backups With Military-Grade Encryption

Safeguarding Cloud BackupsThe growing number of threats to corporate data safety highlight the importance of security in cloud-based data storage and backup systems. Learn how Intronis ensures your clients’ backup and recovery data is well protected at rest and in transit. Learn more >

Windows XP Expiration: What it means to you and your clients

Windows XP ExpirationMicrosoft has ended security support for Windows XP, leaving a significant chunk of the PC market permanently vulnerable to security threats. Read this tech guide to learn how you can navigate the necessary migrations without losing critical data. Learn more >

Windows XP Migrations: Surviving and thriving

Windows XP MigrationsThis Tech Guide provides detailed information on selecting the upgrade path, performing a migration from XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8, and then capturing after-migration opportunities. Learn more >

QuickSpin Speeds Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery

QuickSpin Speeds Virtual Machine BackupVirtualization technology and systems can be difficult and costly to replicate and restore. Learn how Intronis helps you ensure your clients’ virtual systems are protected and restoration-ready. Learn more >

Avoid MSP Backup Sprawl

Avoid MSP Backup SprawlOutsourcing backup remains a way for businesses to embrace cloud related services. Learn what to look for in a full service cloud backup solution that will enable you to maintain a great track record and reduce the number of backup vendors.  Read now >

Measures of Success in Backup & Recovery

Measures of Success in Backup and RecoveryMSPs must understand recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives. Learn how to apply RTOs and RPOs and use them as differentiators in your managed services practices. Read this paper >

Cloud Backup and Recovery for MSPs

Cloud Backup and Recovery for MSPsThis paper provides decision-making information to MSPs looking for alternative backup and recovery solutions and VARs looking to expand their business and offer managed services.  Read this paper >

Success: Turning Your MSP Strategy On Its Head

Turning Your MSP Strategy On Its HeadManaged services is among the most important business models in the channel, soaring toward maturity with its promise of deeper customer entanglement, increased recurring revenues and greater profits.
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Integrating Cloud Backups Into Your MSP Management Platforms

Integrating Cloud Backups Into Your MSPWith tight margins and noisy clients, automation is the only way to profitability. Learn the benefits of central management and how to “snap in” and profit from integrating your cloud backup into your PSA or RMM environment. Read this paper >

MSPs – Are You Looking For A Better Backup Offering?

Looking For A Better BackupBackup is something that every business needs to do, however, few ensure consistent backups are done properly. Outsourcing backup is a popular service offering of MSPs and it is one of the first cloud service solutions businesses consume. Read more >

Transparent Cloud Backups

Transparent Cloud BackupsAs demand for cloud based storage services continues to increase, the number of IT MSPs offering cloud backup services is rising. This whitepaper by Storage Switzerland details how to lower your managed cost per GB. Read more >

PCI Compliance and Data Protection

PCI CompliancePCI DSS expertise is just one part of a successful IT solution provider practice. By creating a cost-effective consultation and solution practice, you can capture new business and become a crucial part of new clients’ operations. Read more >

FINRA Compliance and Data Protection

FINRA complianceThe Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has set a baseline of procedures and prescribed methods for companies supporting banking institutions or securities firms need to understand. Learn how to comply with FINRA. Read more >

Achieving Legislative Compliance with Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery

Achieving Legislative Compliance with IntronisRegulatory organizations keep pace by updating standards to protect against abuse and threats. Given the increased visibility, data protection and privacy will remain two focus areas for regulators in the foreseeable future. Read More >

Local Exclusive Backup

Local Exclusive BackupWith the local exclusive backup functionality allows Intronis partners to backup non-critical data exclusively to a local storage device on the customers premise. This allows partners to take a hybrid approach when looking to backup customer’s information. Read More >

Healthcare IT : Electronic Medical Records Backup and Recovery

Electronic Medical Records Backup and RecoveryElectronic medical records backup, recovery, and data retention requirements are the backbone of HIPAA regulations. It’s critical for healthcare providers to maintain proper backups, access reliable recovery, and retain historical data properly. Read More >

Choosing an Online Backup Provider For Your IT Business

Choosing an Online Backup ProviderChoosing the right online backup and recovery service to offer clients is no easy task. Learn how to find a secure and reliable solution that gives you the tools and service to easily manage and profit from your offsite backup solution. Read more >

Pricing Online Backup to Your Client Base

Pricing Online BackupPartners often struggle with determining a price that reflects both the products and the services offered. Before you start structuring your pricing, position your business as a value-added service, not as an intermediary between client and product. Read more >

Selling Managed Services to Your Clients

Selling Managed Services to Your ClientsA break/fix IT service model is both unpredictable and unsustainable. Using this, you’re only aware of problems when your clients notice them, when issues become critical and require immediate attention.
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Massachusetts Data Protection Regulation

Massachusetts Data Protection RegulationThe nation’s most stringent data security law, the Massachusetts Data Protection Regulation (MA 201 CMR 17), is now in effect. For the first time ever, a government body has mandated the use of a specific technology to enforce privacy regulations. Read More >

Looking Beyond Bits and Bytes

Looking Beyond Bits and BytesIn a managed services environment, the availability and performance of information is the very basis of the business. The ability to monitor and assess accounts, can determine the success or failure of the business.
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Online Backup vs Tape

Online Backup vs TapeWith 90 percent of companies going out of business within two years of failing to recover lost data from a major data loss*, backing up important files and information using a secure and reliable method has never been so critical.
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Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery Technology Overview

Intronis overviewCloud backup is a critical service offering for solution providers in the IT channel. Learn about the technology and features that make Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery the IT channel’s more secure and effective online data storage solution. Read more >

Online Backup for Dental Practices

Online Backup for DentalAs today’s modern dental practices rely more and more on electronic and digital technologies to run their daily operations and service their patients, it’s critical that they have a reliable and secure backup and recovery solution in place to safeguard their practice management data. Read More >