What Data Should Small Business Backup?

Read, post and share this handy infographic showing the data SMBs need to save

Most SMBs know that they need to backup their data. But do they know which files to back up and why?

According to research by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, 15,000 hard drives failing every day and 94% of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss and do not have backup will fail within two years. Meaning that backing up the right files safely and securely can make or break an SMB.

With stakes this high, SMBs need to feel confident that their data will be available when and where they need it. For just this reason, we created an infographic reminding SMBs why backup and data recovery (BDR) is so important, and showing them what files they need to save. We hope that MSPs will share this infographic with their clients and use it to begin the conversation about the importance of BDR. We’ve even provided a handy embed code at the bottom of the page so that MSPs can easily share the infographic and post it on their own websites.

Infographic - Small Business Data Backup

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