Disaster Recovery Planning

Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Businesses cannot eliminate disasters, but proactive preparation can mitigate data loss and disruption to operations. A disaster recovery plan is an essential set of procedures documented to protect an organizations IT infrastructure after any disruption ranging from a power failure, system crash, natural disaster, or human error. There are three types of disaster recovery strategies:

  • Preemptive backup and recovery planning, designed to prevent a disaster.
  • Detective disaster recovery measures, designed to identify potential threats.
  • Corrective disaster recovery methods, designed to recover an IT infrastructure after a disaster has occurred.

Disaster Recovery Planning From Intronis

Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery is the perfect technology to add to any MSP’s service portfolio as part of a disaster recovery planning offering. Intronis offers automated turn-key cloud backup with redundant datacenters, local data replication, 24/7 data availability, and emergency recovery media service. IT managed services providers, or MSPs, benefit with:

  • No upfront capital investment in their disaster recovery planning offering.
  • Technical training in the event disaster recovery is necessary.
  • Sales and marketing assistance in selling disaster recovery planning services.
  • Peace of mind knowing that they can deliver a disaster recover plan that ensure that their clients’, and their own, data is protected.

A Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan Empowers IT Managed Services Providers

Intronis offers its partners a Disaster Recovery Plan template to help prepare their clients in the event of a data disaster. Key elements of the plan include performing risk assessment, establishing priorities, developing recovery strategies, and plan testing. Other helpful disaster recovery planning resources for partners include:

  • Webinars, whitepapers, and blog posts detailing disaster recovery planning.
  • Proactive customer support in the event disaster recovery is needed.
  • Extended phone, email, and chat support hours during disaster recovery events.
  • Branded white label backup that is branded your logo and your brand, so your clients won’t know that you’re using our platform.

In addition to helping MSPs create disaster recovery plans that are powered by Intronis, we also offer solutions for:

     >  Cloud Backup
     >  Business Continuity
     >  Online Storage

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