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Catch up with the latest webinars and podcasts you may have missed

Intronis is pleased to present replays of our popular webinars. Hear from business, technology and offsite backup professionals in the IT managed services industry about best practices that will help you offer complete data protection and gain recurring revenue month over month.

What’s New in Intronis ECHOplatform 5.5

web-marketing-intronis-webinarThe Intronis Winter Release ‘15 provides many new enhancements designed to help you close new business faster, offer new services to existing clients, and reduce costs. View this webinar for an in-depth look at the enhancements we have made to our channel-only solution and the resulting boost we can bring to your bottom line. Replay webinar >

Don’t Strike Out With Your Web Marketing

web-marketing-intronis-webinarThe quality of your content will determine if you hit home runs with new business or strike out. Stuart Crawford, a veteran MSP marketing strategist, shares easy to execute Web marketing strategies that you can put to work in your MSP business immediately. View this webinar to learn how some Web marketing best practices. Replay webinar >

Cold Calling is Dead. Or is it?

cold-calling-webinar-thumbnailWith fewer callers muddying the waters, cold calling is more effective than ever. Those who learn how to do it well find that cold calling is a very cost effective, efficient, and rewarding way to find new business opportunities. View this webinar to learn how to win new business with cold calling. Replay webinar >

How To Sell Your Data Backup Services

How To Sell Data BackupYou already know that backing up company data should be a top priority for all of your current customers. But how do you convince prospects to sign on? This webinar replay shows you how to locate potential customers and convince them to hire you for data backup. Replay webinar >

Five Tips for Approaching Customers about Cloud Security

Stop-the-MadnessWith so many options on the market, evaluating the security and compliance of cloud solutions can be a challenge for MSPs. Approaching customers about cloud technology can also be daunting. Andrew Bagrin, founder of My Digital Shield, and Neal Bradbury, co-founder of Intronis will help you discuss cyber security with your customers. Replay webinar >

CFO Thought Leader: “Why Finance Leaders Must Walk the Floor”

cfo-thought-leader-intronisWhat’s it like to serve as a CFO of a large-enterprise firm versus an emerging-growth firm? Join us as Jackie shares her CFO mind-set and reveals how her finance leadership has evolved from one career milestone to the next.Replay podcast >

Stuart Crawford: 7 Critical Plays To Market Your MSP Like A Super Bowl Champ

msp-marketing-webinar-intronisMSP Marketing veteran Stuart Crawford quarterbacks managed service providers with touchdown scoring marketing strategies! In this webinar, Stuart will open his playbook and show you the seven most critical plays to have in your MSP marketing plan. Replay webinar >

ECHOshare: Intronis’ Business-Grade Sync And Share Solution

boost-productivity-echoshare-webinar-sm VP of Product Management Chuck DeLouis shares an up-close look at Intronis ECHOshare, a business-grade file sync and share solution that meets the needs of both IT service providers and the SMB end user. ECHOshare is easy-to-use, supports compliance, and can be managed alongside the rest of the SMB’s IT needs. Replay webinar >

Gary Pica: Unleash your MSP Super Power

Unleash-your-MSP-Super-PowerThe cloud evolution is creating another wave of commoditization concerns for MSPs. During this webinar TruMethods president Gary Pica reviews a single concept that will help you not only survive, but thrive in the new MSP world. Gary explains a step by step process that will unleash your company’s Super Power. Replay webinar >

Stop the Madness of the SMB IT Security Arms Race

Stop-the-MadnessThe headlines are crowded with news of corporate security breaches. For every major organization reported, hundreds of SMBs are also affected. As many as 1 in 5 small businesses falls victim to a security breach each year. Andrew Bagrin, founder and CEO of My Digital Shield, and Neal Bradbury, co-founder of Intronis discussed this technology threats. Replay webinar >

IDC: The Future of Data Protection

IDC-Future-of-data-protectionChange is a given in business today, and accurately anticipating what changes are coming is important when planning your IT services business strategy. Liz Conner, Research Manager with IDC’s Storage Systems team, joined Intronis VP of Product Management Chuck DeLouis to discuss their visions of the changes in store for the data protection industry. Replay webinar >

Raj Khera: Productive Ways to Start a Sales Call

productive-ways-sales-callIn this webinar IT service providers will learn how to begin a sales conversation and keep it going with questions that lead to more managed service contracts. These unique questions can be used by both technical and sales staff, making you much more productive. You will see how to navigate specific scenarios to guide a sales dialog for new business. Replay webinar >

Stuart Crawford: Upsell is not a four-letter word

upsellWhen a client is happily writing a check every month, what is the best way to approach them with an additional managed service offering that will… gasp! …cost more? Watch Ulistic CEO Stuart Crawford and Intronis’ Nathan Bradbury as they discuss ways to expand your offerings to clients without giving into that stigma. Replay webinar >

Stuart Crawford: The Competition Is Fierce! How Can You Win New Business?

upsellIn 2005 there was an MSP for every 500 small businesses and in 2014 there is one for every 50 small businesses. With such a crowded market, how can you retain “top-of-mind” exposure? Find out in this replay of our Webinar with Ulistic’s Stuart Crawford, in which he shares tried and tested tactics you can use to close new MSP business. Replay webinar >

Stuart Selbst: Managed Services is Not a Product, But a Business Model

Managed-Services-is-a-Business-ModelMany “MSPs” look at their managed services offering as a product. In this session Stuart Selbst addresses the issue of MSPs selling managed services as a product, plus how and why to change to a business model mindset. We also show how to combine this principle with the Intronis fixed-price, unlimited storage plan to achieve business goals. Replay webinar >

Gary Pica: 5 Qualities of a World Class MSP

5-Qualities-of-World-Class-MSPThe gap between average MSPs and top performers is wide. Have you wondered what separates World Class MSPs from the rest of the pack? In this webinar Gary Pica reviews 5 qualities that all top performing MSPs share. Replay webinar >

Summertime MSP Marketing: An Hour a Week

summertime-msp-marketingLearn how to grow your MSP business by setting aside one hour per week to focus on marketing. You will find out which activities generate leads effectively even during times of the year when business might be a little slower. At the end of the webinar, you will have an actionable marketing plan to put in place immediately. Replay webinar >

Complete data protection, just the way MSPs like it!

complete-data-protectionOn April 15th, 2014, Intronis released our biggest product update to date – unveiling new features to help IT solutions providers centralize all of their physical and virtual backup needs on a single platform. Join us for an in-depth look at the enhancements to our channel-only solution and the resulting boost we can bring to your bottom line. Replay webinar >

The Complete XP End of Support Business Plan Power Panel

xp-end-of-supportOn April 8th, 2014, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. Intronis’ Chuck DeLouis joined top panelists from Intel McAfee, Autotask, Continuum and more for an interactive discussion about the security threat. The risks posed by XP’s end of support are significant but smart MSPs can leverage this opportunity to protect their clients and their margins. Replay webinar >

Meet “The Goose” That Lays The Golden MSP Opportunities

golden-msp-opportunitiesDigging deeper! Are you hunting to find “golden” sales opportunities? Did you know that they’re right under your nose? Intronis and MSP marketing expert Stuart Crawford of Ulistic share tips for marketing on LinkedIn – the golden “goose” that yields a pipeline full of sales opportunities. Replay webinar >

Cryptolocker: Probing IT’s New Worst Enemy

cryptolocker-it-worst-enemyCryptolocker and other ransomware have raked in hundreds of millions of dollars for their perpetrators, and the channel remains on the front lines of fighting this threat. Join Intronis and IT security expert Mike Davis of CounterTack for a unique view inside this dangerous malware and best practices to protect your clients. Replay webinar >

3 Imperatives to Ensure HIPAA Compliance for your Customers

hipaa-complianceAs government audits to ensure HIPAA compliance ramps up, MSPs are at the forefront not only in helping their customers comply, but also ensuring the process runs smoothly. In this Channel Expert Hour, our VP of Channel Development Neal Bradbury will share recommended steps to follow to prepare for HIPAA audits. Replay webinar >

7 Cheap and Easy Lead Generation Strategies for Targeting Local Businesses

lead-generation-strategiesTargeting your local community is critical to your MSP business success. In this live webinar, Stuart Crawford, a former MSP who coaches more than two-dozen IT services provicers, outlines some key strategies for increasing your lead generation activities. Replay webinar >

Cryptolocker: Should you pay the ransom?

cryptolockerCryptolocker has infected more than 200,000 computer systems since emerging in late 2013. In this free 30-minute webinar, Intronis partner support engineer Paul Hanley explains what Cryptolocker is, how it attacks your clients’ IT environment, and what you can do to prevent it from infecting your business. Replay webinar >

Pricing and Packaging Strategies That Will Dramatically Increase MRR

pricing-packaging-strategiesPackaging and pricing service offerings is an important decision. Listen as Gary Pica, a pioneer in the IT managed services market, shares methods for pricing and packaging your IT service offering. Also joining is Len DiCostanzo, Senior VP of Community and Business Development, Autotask, and Neal Bradbury, VP of Channel Development, Intronis. Replay webinar >

State of Cloud Backup: Are MSPs Missing the Mark?

state-cloud-backupThe State of Cloud Backup survey found that despite significant SMB uptake of BCDR solutions, MSPs continue to miss opportunities to protect their clients with cloud-based backup and recovery solutions. In this webinar, the survey authors at The 2112 Group reveal the full results of the research and provide a prescription for proactively selling BCDR. Replay webinar >

Good Cloud, Bad Cloud: 5 Ways You Can Distinguish Your Services Practice

good-cloud-bad-cloudPublic cloud vendors are taking a beating. Accusations of government surveillance, unplanned outages, and other revelations have been the talk of major media groups around the world. Listen as a panel of experts explore ways to educate, market, and sell backup software and other cloud-based solutions in private cloud environments. Replay webinar >

Objection! Overcome Common Cloud Backup Sales Obstacles

overcome-common-cloudEven with a leading cloud backup solution and a well-developed marketing strategy, any managed services sales rep could encounter objections from reluctant prospects. This webinar reviews popular cloud backup objections and ways to prepare a counterargument that clearly defines the value of your managed service offerings. Replay webinar >

Store Less Data and Speed Up Your Online Backups

store-less-dataFrustrated with ineffective, slow backups? Replay this webinar, presented by Intronis Sr. Solutions Engineer Nathan Bradbury, that demonstrates how Intelliblox technology is applied not only to files, but also full Exchange, MS-SQL and System State backups, and even VMware virtual machines. Replay webinar >

Quick Start to Accelerating Your Cloud Business

accelerate-cloud-businessWhat are the success factors for integrating cloud-based services into your business model? And can these services generate business-sustaining revenue? Hear CompTIA’s Kate Hunt address these questions and more! Register to receive the CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business. Replay webinar >

Supercharging Your MSP Lead Generation Results

supercharging-msp-lead-generationMany MSPs struggle with lead generation. Just spending time and money is not enough to ensure success. You need a repeatable process for building a lead generation engine that will drive your company’s sales and profits. Replay this webinar, in which Gary Pica provides a framework to build a steady flow of qualified leads. Replay webinar >

Tips on Selling Cloud Backup Services The Right Way

tips-selling-cloudSuccessful MSPs have the luxury of boasting about their secret for success. Do you? In this webinar, Charles Weaver, MSP Alliance, Nathan Bradbury, Intronis, and Terry Hedden, Zeno Technology Solutions, engage in an informative conversation on how MSPs can expand their business by selling smart data storage and protection solutions. Replay webinar >

Gain Faster VMware Recoveries with QuickSpin

gain-faster-vmware-recoveriesQuickSpin builds on and improves our VMware support functionality by allowing partners to restore virtual machines faster than ever. Learn more about QuickSpin in this 45-minute webinar hosted and presented by Matt Kowalski, Sr. Product Manager, and Neal Bradbury, VP of Channel Development, Intronis. Replay webinar >

Accelerate Sales: The Secrets of Double-Digit BDR Growth

accelerate-salesAre you satisfied with the growth rate of your MSP business? Replay this lively roundtable discussion with MSPmentor Editorial Director Joe Panettieri, new Intronis CEO Rick Faulk, and Intronis VP of Channel Development Neal Bradbury, to hear how you can increase revenues at a much faster rate. Replay webinar >

The 5 Weaknesses Of Your Online Backup Offering, and How to Fix Them

weaknesses-online-backupBackup is something that every business needs to do. Few backup systems, however, are adept at ensuring consistent backups are done properly. Listen as George Crump, Lead Analyst of Storage Switzerland, and Neal Bradbury, VP of Channel Development at Intronis, discuss the five weaknesses of MSP backup software solutions. Replay webinar >

Best Practices for SMBs Backing Up VMware

best-practices-backup-vmwareReplay this webinar and hear how you can ensure that your clients’ data and VM infrastructure is protected. In addition to seeing a demo of how Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery handles backing up virtual environments, you’ll get some best practices that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of backup and recovery in your clients’ virtual environment. Replay webinar >

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Packaging Your MSP Service Offering

mistakes-to-avoidIs your recurring revenue increasing each and every month? If not, you will benefit from what Gary Pica, a pioneer in the managed services field, has to say. In this webinar Gary shares proven methods for packaging and pricing your IT support service offering. Replay webinar >

Successfully Differentiate Your Backup Business and Grow Your Profits

Presented by Carol Ferrari, Intronis, and Tyler Smith, Matson & Isom Technology Consulting

grow-profits-with-backupYour business needs a complete, secure and reliable solution to deliver to your clients. Carol Ferrari and Tyler Smith discuss how you can offer easy-to-manage, world-class backup services that augment and differentiate your portfolio of services. Tyler, HTG member, will explain how Intronis’ solution helped free up valuable resources within his MSP business. Replay webinar >

The 5 MSP Sales Mistakes

Presented by Gary Pica, TruMethods and Carol Ferrari, Intronis

msp-sales-mistakesDuring this webinar, Gary Pica, shares how he built a multi-million dollar practice with over 7,000 endpoints under management, and how he did it with no outside investment, no marketing budget, and with a limited sales team. This webinar will show you how you can avoid costly mistakes and build a predictable sales process. Replay webinar >

Pricing and Packaging Strategies to Dramatically Increase Recurring Revenue

pricing-packagingIf your recurring revenue is not increasing each and every month, listen to Gary Pica, Founder of TruMethods, share proven methods for pricing and packaging your IT service offerings. Replay webinar >