What’s New for Partner Success

With Jasmine Lombardi, VP Partner Success

Intronis Partner Success

Technical support and so much more!

Our mission is simple; To help our Partners be successful.

We are 100% committed to providing tools and guidance that will help your business generate new revenue and streamline operations.

The Intronis Partner Success organization combines comprehensive onboarding, award-winning technical support, online training and certification, dedicated partner account managers, and a sales and marketing enablement resource hub, to ensure that when you partner with Intronis, you are poised for success.

Partner Support

Leverage award-winning technical support from our U.S.-based Partner Support Engineers.

Contact Partner Support for all technical support related issues or usage questions.

1-800-569-0155 (Option 1) support@intronis.com

Partner Management

Receive expert solution onboarding and training from our dedicated Partner Management Specialists. Included and recommended for all Intronis Partners!

Contact for contracts, training, and general inquiries.

1-800-569-0155 (Option 2) partnersuccess@intronis.com


For billing inquiries contact a Billing Specialist at 1-800-569-0155 (Opt. 3) or via email at:  billing@intronis.com.                             
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