We’re Passionate about Gung-Ho Service

Gung-Ho – adj. slang

                Extremely enthusiastic and dedicated   


Many of our customers have asked why we have a name for our client service. They also wonder about what “Gung-Ho” means. We believe that great client service is the corner stone of being a great company, and providing that service should be a core company value held by every employee. Without that dedication, there is no “great” no matter how big you get.


Recently, I was using an online tax preparation software from the leading company. I had a problem that pointed to a bug in their calculations. When I tried to get to customer support, it was nearly impossible. It was as if the company actively and intentionally prevented me from getting help unless I was willing to pay for it up-front. Even for an issue that was caused by faulty software. When I finally figured out how to email support without an up-front fee, the answer that came back 72 hours later was completely unrelated to my problem. I’m sure you’ve all had the same experience with other software companies. Needless to say I switched to another online tax provider, and they lost me as a customer.


Mistakes happen, but bad customer service is not a mistake. You have to encourage it. Usually you do this by talking about cost, making sure you get the customer off the phone as quickly as possible, or outsourcing support so you can provide the “service” as cheaply as you can. Somewhere in this process a company forgets about the word service and just makes a cost-based decision.


Go ahead. Google our competitors and use the keywords “bad” and “customer service”. Now ask yourself – if the company’s values are about cost, what does this mean for your data? Is keeping your data safe against disaster about cost? If you were buying a car seat for your child, would you make that decision based on the cheapest cost, or based on safety and security no matter what the cost? Is the data that is the lifeblood of your business really any different?


At Intronis, we know you’d rather pay a few cents more for a gigabyte to get superb and enthusiastic service when you need it most. Which is why we don’t consider cost as a factor, but rather think about value. It’s also why we’re one of the only companies to have dual redundant data centers. Keeping your data safe and secure is why we exist and go to the office each day. Providing the most excellent service in a “Gung-Ho” way for each and every customer is also why we exist. We don’t consider you or your data cheap. And you shouldn’t either.

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