Ecosystem Integration

Works with your PSA and RMM tools

Intronis is committed to partnering with leading technology PSA and RMM vendors to develop solutions that will enable MSPs to simplify existing operations and maximize efficiency, making it easier to successfully grow your business.

By establishing integration and interoperability between our products, we are able to deliver a powerful combined solution that adds value to partner offerings and the highest level of data protection for your clients.

Autotask Logo

Autotask Integration

Our integration delivers the IT channel with a seamless integrated solution, which allows for monitoring and billing of Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery through the Autotask platform.

Learn more about our Autotask integration

Autotask Integration Data SheetDownload the Autotask Datasheet

ConnectWise Logo

ConnectWise Integration

Our ConnectWise integration simplifies monitoring and billing of Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery by automatically creating service tickets from Intronis notifications and offering flexible billing options through the ConnectWise PSA.

Learn more about our ConnectWise integration

ConnectWise Integration Data SheetDownload the ConnectWise Datasheet

Continuum Logo

Continuum Integration

Our Continuum integration makes it easier than ever to keep an eye on the data you protect for your clients by offering MSPs an instant response to backup issues as they crop up, so that customers don’t have to wait for an administrator to notice a backup issue before corrective actions can be taken.

Learn more about our Continuum integration

Continuum Integration Data SheetDownload the Continuum Datasheet


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Kaseya Integration

Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery cooperates with Kaseya by allowing you to add Intronis’ Windows Event Viewer ids to Kaseya’s monitoring system so that you can proactively monitor backup and recovery from one central platform.

Learn more about our Kaseya integration

Kaseya Integration Data SheetDownload the Kaseya Datasheet

GFI Logo

GFI MAX Integration

Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery integrates with GFI MAX RemoteManagement, allowing you to proactively monitor your clients’ backup and recovery environments from a single platform.

Learn more about our GFI MAX RMM integration

Kaseya Integration Data SheetDownload the GFI MAX Datasheet

AVG Logo

AVG/Level Platforms Integration

The Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery integration with AVG offers MSPs a powerful tool for centrally and securely managing their clients’ cloud backup and recovery needs, along with other remote monitoring services.

Learn more about our AVG integration

AVG Integration Data SheetDownload the AVG Datasheet

N-Able Logo

N-able Integration

The integration of Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery into the N-central dashboard gives MSPs the ability to track backup and recovery status and notifications through the same interface they use to manage their other service offerings.

Learn more about our N-Able integration

N-able Integration Data SheetDownload the N-able Datasheet

LabTech Logo

LabTech Integration

Our integration with LabTech’s monitoring solution allows seamless tracking of backup and recovery statuses, as well as remote deployment of the Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery software.

Learn more about our LabTech integration

LabTech Integration Data SheetDownload the LabTech Datasheet

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