Image Backup

Protect business uptime quickly and easily

In today’s connected business climate, 24 x 7 uptime is the norm, not the exception. Protecting files and folders alone is no longer enough; SMBs demand IT solutions that can also provide full business recovery capabilities.

Intronis ECHOplatform includes a purpose-built, image-based backup solution that enables server-level protection for applications served by physical machines. Rapid Recovery for imaging lets you and your clients restore operations from local storage within minutes.

Intronis physical image backup and recovery options allow partners to address the specific restore requirements of each client.

Intronis image backup
  • Physical-to-virtual recovery — Create virtual machines from restored VHDs
  • Object-level restore — Explore and extract specific files and folders quickly and easily, with no need to mount VHDs
  • Fast Recovery Time Objective — Recover from image backups on local storage in minutes

Physical Imaging Data SheetDownload the Image Backup data sheet

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