VMware Backup and QuickSpin

Help clients maximize VMware uptime

VMware QuickSpin Backup and RestoreBusiness owners are moving rapidly to virtualization to shrink IT footprints and operating costs. Yet anxieties persist about virtualization’s hidden costs and risks. Fortunately, MSPs can partner with Intronis to help manage P2V migration and keep their clients’ businesses running.

Intronis offers a native VMware backup solution as part of the Intronis ECHOplatform that allows you to protect virtual machines using the same, centrally-managed platform you use to back up all the rest of your data.
Reduce administrative burden by managing VMware backup and QuickSpin services alongside other backup services in the central Intronis Partner Portal, which also provides real-time client assessments for easy review and resolution.

Offer your clients:

Intronis QuickSpin VMware

Immediate Availability with QuickSpin

Eliminate extended downtime and restore your SMBs’ VMware environment fast with our local disaster recovery tool QuickSpin.

  • Offer customers high business availability by limiting VM downtime
  • Restores of VMware data in minutes from local storage via QuickSpin, without the need for an on-site visit or extra software
  • A single, easy-to-administer, web-based solution for managing multiple backup and disaster recovery tools

VMware backup Data SheetDownload the VMware backup datasheet

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