VMware and QuickSpin

Backup and disaster recovery for virtual machines

VMware and QuickSpinVirtualization is an emerging environment for businesses looking to maximize value from physical servers and minimize costs associated with local data storage. VMware, a global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, created vSphere to address this market, and more businesses are using this platform to build virtual IT infrastructures.

That creates a need for virtual data protection, and to best serve these corporate customers, IT managed services providers (MSPs) need to obtain a secure and comprehensive backup solution for VMware environments. Failing to do so could put your managed services business at a competitive disadvantage at a time when demand for VMware data protection is on the rise.

Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery offers a leading VMware backup solution for MSPs, following best backup practices and leveraging our QuickSpin VM replication and restore technology to deliver the most complete data protection for VMware environments.

Convenient VMware backup management

VMware QuickSpin Backup and RestoreVMware backups can be managed alongside other backup types in the central Intronis Partner Portal. Our convenient backup status dashboard also provides real-time client assessments for speedy review and resolution. In addition, QuickSpin allows users to restore virtual machines into an isolated environment on production equipment, saving partners time and allowing them to perform true disaster recovery testing.

Immediate VMware availability with QuickSpin

What if one of your clients suffers from a business interruption? The Intronis QuickSpin VM replication and restore technology allows partners to restore VMware virtual machines locally via our convenient Partner Portal. In a matter of minutes, your clients can regain local access to their VMware environment, eliminating extended periods of downtime.

Faster VMware backups with Intelliblox

Intronis VMware backup saves clients’ time by using Intelliblox Block-Level Backup Technology to perform incremental backups. This breaks VMs up into blocks, and only blocks that have been recently modified will be uploaded in subsequent backups. That means faster backups, lower backup costs, and a lower risk for data redundancy.

Flexible data retention and archiving

Intronis VMware backup is flexible for MSPs that need to back up VMs to a local device, the cloud, or both. Users can customize retention and archiving settings according to their clients’ needs, serving those who require full VMs to be retained as well as those who want to save or restore certain versions of their VMs.