VMware Backup

Backup and recovery for VMware virtual machines

VMware QuickSpin Backup and RestorePowerful, flexible VMware backup and recovery from Intronis lets you keep your clients’ most important data safe even when stored in virtual environments.

Protect VMware virtual machines in the cloud with our standard backup option, or take advantage of our virtual machine replication and restore tool QuickSpin to recover virtual machines locally in minutes.

VMware data protection is available at no extra cost as part of the Intronis ECHOplatform, which enables you to protect all of your SMBs’ physical and virtual data in one platform.

Intronis VMware backup

Fast, Economical VMware Protection

Our Intelliblox block-level backup technology enables faster incremental backups and a lower risk for data redundancy.

  • Back up VMware VMs to the cloud, local device, or both
  • Customize retention and archiving to meet SMBs’ unique needs
  • Monitor backup status easily from the Backup Status Dashboard
Intronis QuickSpin VMware

Immediate Availability with QuickSpin

Eliminate extended downtime and restore your SMBs’ VMware environment fast with our local disaster recovery tool QuickSpin.

  • Recover VMware virtual machines locally in minutes, not hours
  • Restore virtual machines into an isolated environment on production equipment
  • Perform true disaster recovery testing easily

VMware backup Data SheetDownload the VMware backup datasheet